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Reporting to the Accounting Supervisor or other project managers as required. Some of our clients are making an impact on the world through their innovative projects in the government’s SBIR/STTR programs. These projects have very strict accounting standards, and we take care of the setup and ongoing accounting for them, along with handling the non-government accounting for the rest of their business. To aid your success at Knutson we ask that you be an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Have a desire to learn and accept new challenges and can adapt to changes in the work environment while managing multiple projects. We do prefer you have a bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance or Accounting and a minimum of five years’ experience preferably as a Project Accountant. Knutson Construction is accepting applications for a Project Accountant to join our team in our Minneapolis office.

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Project accountants work in the accounting department of a company and are responsible for tracking the financial progress of specific projects. They work closely with project managers to ensure that all project costs are accounted for and that the project stays within its budget. Project accountants typically work regular business hours, although they may occasionally work overtime to meet deadlines. The work can be stressful at times, especially when projects are behind schedule or over budget. However, most project accountants find the work to be challenging and rewarding. To be successful as a project accountant, you should possess extensive experience in accounting and the ability to provide project managers with accurate financial information.

What Is Project Accounting? Principles, Methods & More

Participate in cross-functional teams – You will participate in collaborative projects and assignments as needed to support the goals of the department. This can be done with cash or credit on the delivery of goods or services.

  • Performed review and analysis of budget vs. actual variance in the monthly financial package and presented recommendations on critical balance sheet and income statement line items.
  • You can see who is busy and who has the capacity for more tasks, all of which are important for capacity planning and expense tracking.
  • Some places are better than others when it comes to starting a career as a project accountant.
  • It automatically captures and calculates project data that’s displayed in colorful graphs and charts.
  • Set the baseline to track planned costs against actual costs in real time.

Just as a project manager monitors the project’s schedule and scope, they also track these financial transactions to ensure they’re on budget and make necessary adjustments to avoid overspending. Project accounting is a type of managerial accounting oriented toward the goals of project management and delivery. At , we’re looking for a project accountant to join our team and take on the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy and completeness of project financial records. The ideal candidate will have experience working in accounting, with a strong understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles . He or she will be detail-oriented, with the ability to maintain accurate records and meet deadlines.

Project Accountant Resume Examples

Report to management regarding the remaining funding available for projects. Be part of and connect with a like-minded community, explore the accounting and finance world, receive valuable information and resources to help build your skillset.

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ProjectManager is work and project management software with interactive Gantt charts that help you plan every step of your project on a visual timeline. There are features to plan and manage costs and resources, both human and nonhuman. Set the baseline to track planned costs against actual costs in real time. For this position, you need to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting, business management, or finance. Also, you must gain some additional requirements such as excellence in analytical skills, project management skills, communication skills, and maintaining strong relationships with staff and clients. The collected payments provide assistance for the development of financial aspects and more.

Cost Accountant – Accountant I.

Out of all the resumes we looked through, 8.5% of project accountants listed financial statements on their resume, but soft skills such as analytical skills and communication skills are important as well. Project accounting of a company allows keeping a track record of all the financial documents of the company, such as billings, bookings, budgets, costs, and estimates.

Project accountants are financial specialists who review project budgets. They report to accounting supervisors and provide pre-billing information for project managers to review. Some places are better than others when it comes to starting a career as a project accountant.

Project Accountant Job Description Template

By learning how to use technology to their advantage, project accountings can make themselves more valuable to their employers and help them stay ahead of the curve. Keen to gain further experience and new perspectives from outside traditional financial accounting, she jumped at the chance to join the company as a project accountant. Provided varied administrative support services while working closely with Project Managers to meet specified deadlines and ensure deliverables. Monitored accounts receivable and drafted, processed, distributed, and entered monthly invoices into Oracle. Oversaw contracts totaling over $200M and helped to ensure the accuracy of all contractual documentation. Provide accounting leadership and support for Construction Company with more than $95 million revenue in City Hall renovation project. Account billing and invoicing while leading tasks ranging from monthly reporting to project cash disbursements.

Let’s look at what a project account is as well as its principles and methods. In the cost-to-cost method, a project’s cost to date is compared to the total expected cost of the project. The costs of products already bought for a contract, but not installed, should not be added in calculating the percentage of completion .

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