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Then, go to the Plugins menu and select Compare → Compare. So first enable the plugin manager as asked by question here, Then follow this step to compare 2 files which is free in this software. You know your stuff, and you need a lightweight editor to get your Python code done. Sure you can install Visual Studio Code, PyCharm etc. But if you just need to edit a few project files, Notepad++ is for you.

You can format it in bold and italics and change the font, size and color of the text. You can also create bulleted lists and center and align paragraphs. With WordPad you can save documents either as text files (.TXT) or in rich text format (.RTF).

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This window allows us to add the path as per our requirements. Click on the ‘ New ‘ button since we want to add a new path. Cannot detect the MinGW compiler because the environment path variable has not been set. The environment path variable helps to detect the compiler in your whole system. It makes the alias name for the compiler, which denotes the path.

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  • Another method is to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • There are few steps that are given below to setup the environment.

If you want to encrypt folders outside of this folder, see the other security solutions section below. In the right side of the window under Settings, locate Show ‘Encrypt’ on the context menu and check the box. This option should be below Prefix ‘shortcut to’ on new shortcuts and above Show ‘View workgroup computers’ in NetPlaces. Right-click the file or folder and select Properties.

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Notepad++ is known for its speed, stability, and feature set, which make it a popular choice for developers and other advanced users. It also includes support for multiple languages and can be extended with plugins to add additional functionality. Notepad++ supports only Windows operating systems, which does limit its accessibility and the number of users. Notepad++ is a simple text editor, lacking many of the plug-ins offered by many of the new IDEs, making it a pretty bare-bones program. It does, however, have the option to edit multiple files and lines at the same time and recognizes over 84 languages.

Setting up Notepad++

It is easy on the eyes and it makes your code more readable. Monokai is a great choice for those who want a simple, yet effective theme. Here is the list of the 14 best notepad++ themes available in Github including their details. Besides using the default dark mode of the Notepad++ which is not so intuitive and feature-rich, you can go for 3rd-party Notepad++ Dark themes. There are a variety of Notepad++ themes available out there that you can use to get a completely unique-looking dark mode in Notepad++. What would be nice to see in the updated Notepad is the ability to highlight code in color and allow more formatting options.

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